Total flexibilty

preschool on demand


• YOU pick your day(s).
• YOU set your arrival and departure times, book in 15 minute increments.
• Come occasionally, OR  book regular weekly appointments.
• Drop in or call ahead.
• Pay as you go: $13/hr., with a $1 discount/hr. for your second child
when they attend together.
• No enrollment fees.
• New students can enroll at anytime.
• Open year round.
• AGES 1 yr  & a steady walker - 5-ish.

• FREE cancellation. No charge, just  call before your appointment starts.

Baby steps

a gentler approach


TOT DROP works with children and parents to help them through separation and into joyful independence. Parents are encouraged to stay with their child as they work toward a gentle, successful separation. We want your child to LOVE going to school. We take our cues from your child! Teachers work with parents to design a schedule which best matches a child's needs, abilities, and personality.


preschool is playschool


TOT DROP allows children to explore in ways which are developmentally appropriate for each child as teachers facilitate cooperative
parallel play. Play & exploration are a child's job. Being noisy and messy is their right. Children can choose to play independently, with other children, or with a teacher.     All efforts, at all developmental levels, are viewed as appropriate and are applauded.