We understand that it's a big decision to place your child in our care. Need a little reassurance? Take a look at the feedback we've received. We asked our TOT DROP families to tell us how we were doing. Hundreds of Mommies and Daddies took the time to share their thoughts. We are proud of the positive feedback that we have received. 


"I like the idea that it isn't just a "drop off" place but rather is run like a preschool with circle time and crafts."

“TOT DROP creates fun activities for the children to take part in while learning at the same time!"

"Fun and upbeat place to take my children. The teachers and creativity are wonderful!"

“He has a wonderful time. We wouldn’t change a thing.”

“I like all the hands-on stuff they do! Keep up the good work!”

"There are always fun and special things to do." 

"He loves TOT DROP. He talks about it a lot and always wants to go. He always leaves having had a good time.”


"TOT DROP provides a great service at a reasonable fee, without long-term obligation, registration, and insurance fees, etc. Pay as you go works for me!"

“Your voicemail system works very well. Incredibly responsive!!! You are doing a great job!”

"It helps so much to have a standing appointment every week so I don't have to call weekly."

"I use TOT DROP as a supplement to my child's other preschool (she can only go there a maximum of two days/week)."

"Less expensive than a babysitter and so so much more! And yet I get to call the shots about when we come and how much time I need!"

“TOT DROP is a Godsend.”


“My daughter (and I) wouldn't have succeeded anywhere else. I was nervous because she really struggles with separation. The teachers have been very kind, loving, and patient. They let us take our time. I really appreciate it because now she's a pro!"

"TOT DROP is a safe and loving place for my son to be. I feel great about leaving him and never worry.”

"I like hearing everything that happened to her when I pick her up. I can tell she has received personal attention this way. I like that the teachers talk to her when we come, making her feel special and welcomed."

"Very helpful that you have the same teachers there every week. TOT DROP is great!"

"The teachers all are just wonderful. TOT DROP is great and my child just loves it."

"When our 3rd child to attend TOT DROP aged out, I actually thought about having another baby just so I could still be a part of all the fun and have those kind teachers supporting and encouraging me!"


"Many facilities are only accepting of full time care. TOT DROP has the flexibility I've been looking for. Thank you."

"I like having a regular schedule so I can schedule appointments and know that Jennifer is taken care of. The flexibility is great for last minute errands or appointments, and I like that you can adjust the times to fit your schedule."

"It is great not to get penalized for canceling on short notice. I like the easy-going attitude."

" I can plan in advance when I need to or call last minute if the need arises."

"TOT DROP meets my needs because I am not a regimented person. I like to be able to plan on a weekly basis instead of for the whole year." 

“TOT DROP is great for us as we are self-employed and our schedules are undetermined.”

"Safe, secure place for kids so Mom can get a break - work done."

"I love it because the kids are out of the house (unlike with a babysitter) so I can get my work done at home."

"For myself, it gives me a few hours a week that are just for me."

"It gives me some time to myself and time with my new baby."

"When I have a special project and need a block of time to work on it."

"I am an obstetrician. I encourage all my patients to drop their toddlers off before coming to my office!"

“It’s perfect for a stay at home parent who needs to accomplish tasks without kids.”

"I know I'm a better parent when I give myself a break from the 24/7 of mommy hood!. Just knowing I can get an hour or 2 to myself keeps me sane!"

“Thank you, you have been a life saver in times of need.”


"TOT DROP is a place my two children, who are three years apart in age, can go together. It has helped my son, the younger child, to adjust in a multiage environment while having his sister close by."

"Being new to California, it's nice to have a place where both kids can be together. I wasn't sure where to start. You really helped. Thanks."

"TOT DROP is an opportunity for a child to interact with older children and others their own age."

"My guys is 4 and still in diapers. He can attend TOT DROP and not be put in a "baby room" because of his not being potty trained."

" I feel that TOT DROP provides an excellent opportunity for our son Kyle to socialize and learn patience, cooperation, without my presence."

"I use TOT DROP to help my daughter interact with other children and hopefully learn to share."



"It was especially nice to be able to reserve an hour or two so I could volunteer at my daughter's classroom."

"TOT DROP has been a wonderful way to be able to enjoy classes with one child, while their sibling is watched in your facility. "

"I will highly recommend this program to every mother in need. Children can start as soon as they can walk and don’t have to be potty trained.”

“We plan on having our second child come to TOT DROP , too!

"I am so thankful that TOT DROP exists. I recently moved here from another state."

"I couldn't just leave my children with anyone. I am very comfortable with the supervision they receive from TOT DROP.”


When Joshua returned from a week at Disneyland™, we asked Mom about their trip. 
She responded, "Well, it pretty much went like this:

"I don't want to go to Sleeping Beauty's Castle. I want to go to TOT DROP."
"I don't want to go on Toad's Wild Ride. I want to go to TOT DROP."
"I don't want to go to Adventure Land. I want to go to TOT DROP ."