Preschool Curriculum Without Preschool Commitments
"We like TOT DROP because it is very flexible & convenient. . .great idea for people with a changing/flexible schedule."

TOT DROP is a unique recreation program for preschoolers, developed by an educator, that allows parents to design their child's class schedule. Weekdays 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Ages 1-5 years.

At TOT DROP you'll find:

A fun & educational developmental program
Teachers facilitate activities in art, music and more.
Children interact with peers and gain independence.
Prepares children for future, more structured schooling.
Pay as you go. $10 per hour.
New students may enroll year round

Benefits of TOT DROP
Safe & Nurturing Environment Flexibility Affordable & Convenient
Gives Parents Free Time Fun & Educational Siblings Can Attend Together


Who Chooses TOT DROP for their Preschooler?

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